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Project / Expert Training Days

The Project / Expert Training Days are an intensive and highly individualized alternatives to our Fokus Weeks, aimed at individuals as well as research- or high-ranking leadership teams. 

Project Days are for our customers who are facing a specific challenge and are looking for concrete solutions, or seeking active support and advice in developing a prototype. 

To support you in these objectives, the Swisscom Outpost offers active preparatory support in performing network building and bespoke research (e.g. your industry’s local ecosystem, sales- or partnership opportunities) and enables intensive discussions with potential partners or customers on-site, in order to bring you a step ahead in evaluating or strengthening regional trade conditions. 

Expert Training Days are for our customers who desire an intense and well-guided training of a cutting-edge technology topic. Topics are either predefined or organized upon specific customer requests.

The Outpost currently offers a three-day Blockchain Training as an exceptional case in Silicon Valley.

What is included in the Project / Expert Training Days?* 

  • Active, topic-specific program preparation (content, structure, network)
  • Outline of ecosystem and potential partners or customers 
  • Intense local coaching / advice from an Outpost representative (accompany to events, workshops or meetings, introduction to relevant experts, customers or partners etc.)
  • Transfers between events
  • Lunches

*may vary depending on training topic or customer-specific requirements.

If you would like Swisscom to organize your accommodation, contact us.


Project / Expert Training Days Pricing

*Expert Training days will be held with a minimum of 8 registrations, the groups are limited to 15 participants.
*The flight and hotel accommodation is not included in the prices above.

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Contact Details
Tina Werro
Head of Outpost Innovation Programs
+41 79 158 72 02

For further questions or registration assistance,
reach out to Tina Werro, or
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