Projects / Partnerships

Swisscom is partner of the MIT Trust::Data Consortium. The mission of the Trust::Data Consortium is to address the growing tension between societal data proliferation and data security by developing specifications, software, tools and documentation that help organizations adopt a holistic approach to cyber protection. Trust::Data is building new models for digital identity, data provenance, universal access, and secure privacy-preserving transactions to harness the future potential of global data sharing.

Thanks to the Outpost’s brokering of an arrangement with the Silicon Valley service platform Arrivy, the Swiss startup Mila was able to establish a cooperative agreement and is about to enter the US market. Mila connects people with advanced technical knowledge to people who have hit a wall setting up their technological infrastructure on their own or are having other technical problems. Read More

The goal of the Telecom Council is to establish a forum to join forces between global communication service providers, OEMs, and VCs to scout technology and innovation in the Silicon Valley. The Telecom Council, formed in 2007, evolved from an informal carrier group called the Service Provider’s Investment Forum (SPIF) that was formed in 2001 by British Telecom, Swisscom, Nokia Venture Partners, SK Telecom, and Telecom Italia Mobile. Since 2001, The Council’s Forums have introduced over 2,000 executives from 750 communication companies, including 60 carriers,across 30 meetings each year.

Swisscom is currently member of the:

  • ComTech Forum which discusses network technology trends (5G, NFVI, IIoT, …)
  • Investor Forum reviews early stage, investment ready communication startups
  • Service Provider Forum meeting monthly to discover & discuss new companies, innovation, and entrepreneurs

Once a year, the Telecom Council holds the Carrier Connections working summit (TC3) where Swisscom – amongst other activities – presents case studies of successful collaborations with US start-ups. This annual meeting is where the operators reverse the script, and market their value proposition to the Silicon Valley Community.

Swisscom’s Enterprise Services Cloud has been built on a foundation of VMware solutions. In a joint partnership we are working on enhancing the current solutions like vRealize to even better support Swisscom’s and our Customer’s use cases. We are also deeply involved in the development of new products and services by participating in design programs, beta tests and testing early product releases.

Swisscom has been a Cloud Foundry Foundation member from its early start. We hold a board seat as representative of the Gold members community of the Foundation. As part of the board staff and Cloud Foundry ambassador, we actively work on promoting and growing the community and foundation.

For Swisscom’s IT Cloud program, the Dell Technologies group is our strategic partner in delivering the end-to-end solution. We have standardized on a DellEMC hardware platform and software eco system to manage this. Together with the other group companies we work on innovations for traditional and cloud native IT environments.

Part of Swisscom’s digital transformation strategy is offering APIs for its services to customers. Apigee’s API management platform has been instrumental in enabling the creation of both external and internal API offerings. As part of the Technical Advisory Board, we discuss and advise on how Google Apigee can improve and extend its capabilities. Recent technology developments like ISTIO are being tested in our Outpost Innovation Lab to assess the potential for Swisscom.

Swisscom in on the board of the Swiss-American chamber of commerce whose purpose is to strengthen business and cultural relationships in San Francisco and Silicon Valley through Networking, Local Support Services, Business Expertise, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, Education and Leadership. Read More