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Outpost Innovation Programs

Swisscom Outpost holds the keys to the doors of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies and reputable people. The Outpost Innovation Programs open doors for you to benefit from unique technology insights, focused training and organized networking in one of the world’s top innovation ecosystems. To get the most out of your Silicon Valley experience, Swisscom Outpost presents five immersion programs of different purposes, profiles and durations.

Why Silicon Valley

Digitalization and its disruptive nature are forcing companies around the world to find new and fast ways to innovate in order to secure a fair share of the changing economy. For European companies without direct access to path-breaking innovation networks however, it is a great challenge to successfully innovate due to the lack of quality benchmarks, research and collaboration opportunities with future-oriented and versatile partners. Silicon Valley remains the world’s innovation capital, giving rise to inspiring visionaries, cutting-edge technologies, unicorn startups and pioneering powerhouses like Google, Apple, Facebook, Genentech, SpaceX, Flex and many more.

Why the Outpost Innovation Programs are Right for You

Swisscom Ecosystem Access Swisscom is well connected within the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The Outpost Innovation Programs are an invitation to connect to this ecosystem and to discover and build upon the newest technology trends, operation methods and an eager culture of innovation acceleration.

Network, Learn and Build Adapted to both your business or individual requirements, you will be given the chance to gain first-hand insights from reputable innovators and disruptors, including networking-, investment-, and prototyping opportunities, as well as first-hand knowledge from experts and industry insiders.

Competitive Advantage
The direct access to Silicon Valley does not only offer an advantage in creating a strategic vision of your industry’s future, but also allows for your company’s growth and success in shaping the future.

Swisscom Outpost Programs at a Glance

Industry-Specific Focus Weeks

1 week (Innovation) Managers, C-Level Executives, Boards of Directors, VPs

Co-Location Program

1-3 months (Innovation) Managers, Developers

Project / Expert Training Days

2-5 days Project-/Research Teams, C-Level Executives, Boards of Directors, VPs

Inspiration Tours

2-5 days Universities (EMBA), (Innovation) Managers, C-Level Executives


1-2 days Customer-defined specification

Are you a leader who aspires to boast achievements and influence the future of your company?

Do you want the skills to kindle the same kind of excitement and creativity emanating from leading innovation ecosystems? The innovation programs of our Outposts support you in addressing today’s complexities of a changing environment with the establishment of an according mindset and know-how. Start your future today.

Tina Werro
Head of Outpost Innovation Programs
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