Our Technology Focus

Swisscom is a tier 1 communication, IT and entertainment provider in Switzerland. As one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Switzerland, Swisscom is offering IT & Cloud services, network & IT access, cloud- and managed services, digital workspace technology, security solutions and much more. As a close partner of Swisscom Switzerland, Swisscom Outpost is in charge of scouting innovation and transferring new technologies to Swisscom for the company itself, its customers and the Swiss economy as a whole. We are continuously looking for mature enterprise-grade solutions in order to extend the service portfolio for residential as well as small, medium and large enterprise customers in Switzerland. This further extends to Swisscom’s internal process and IT landscape. Swisscom provides strategic partnerships and unique market access in Switzerland for selected, high potential Startups. The Swisscom Outpost is active mainly in the following fields:


Swisscom is the largest telecom operator and service provider in Switzerland, known as a pioneer and leader also in information and communications technology (ICT). With a finger on the pulse, Swisscom is shaping the future in Switzerland, for example with the expansion of the fiber network and the rollout of 5G. Swisscom’s stake in innovation in the telecommunication domain inspires customers to leverage a cutting-edge network, high-performance offerings and excellent services. In order to provide the best and most efficient network, we are interested in solutions for Network Automation & Virtualization, Intent based Networking and Edge & AI. To serve our enterprise customers, we are looking for companies in the areas of Industry 4.0, 5G benchmarks, B2B Telco Solutions and many more. Please get in touch with us if your company can support Swisscom providing the best infrastructure and best service in Switzerland.

IT & Cloud

Swisscom is a leader in the private cloud as well as hybrid cloud business in Switzerland. The highest possible level of Swissness coupled with innovation and experience are standard at Swisscom and are decisive for over 200 cloud customers. Particularly in the area of managed hosting and managed services, Swisscom is far ahead of its competitors. For the Swisscom Cloud portfolio, the Swisscom Outpost is responsible for partner management with technology vendors in Silicon Valley but also for technology scouting for private cloud and hybrid cloud environments as well as executing PoC’s for new and promising products.

Cyber Security

Swisscom is a successful Managed Security Service Provider in Switzerland with services ranging from SoC as a Service and Security Analytics to CSIRT as a Service. Swisscom Outpost is looking for innovative Cyber Security Solutions to support our customers in Switzerland with all aspects of prevention, detection and response. This includes solutions such as advanced automated detection and response capabilities, data protection everywhere but also solutions for cyber security hygiene and increased visibility around assets and risks. We are also open to partnerships with established security vendors from the US or companies from Switzerland.

Data & Analytics

Swisscom provides privacy aware Data Insights from numerous structured and unstructured internal and external data sources and Mobility Insight services around the habits of employees, crowds and retail in Switzerland. Every day, 20 Billion interactions are generated on the Swisscom mobile network. With the use of analytics and AI in a targeted manner, as well as the automatic evaluation of the collected data, Swisscom supports its customers with products and services to personalize experiences, increase efficiency and productivity, interlink stakeholders with information and to make intelligent business decisions. We are continuously looking for data analytic solutions in the fields of customer experience, network, cyber security, entertainment or legal compliance.


Swisscom is a major player in IoT Services and IoT connectivity in Switzerland. With future-oriented IoT networks meeting regional and international standards, Swisscom provides reliable connectivity, control and management of devices and data. Swisscom is always at the forefront of technological advances with 15 years of experience as an IoT pioneer, following the newest use cases and trends among technologies across various industries. We are looking for opportunities, business models, and technology testing in the fields of asset tracking, analytics & new business, smart home/building/infrastructure, devices & sensors, security, robotics & drones.

Customer Experience

Swisscom works hard to keep its customers happy by offering them the best experience at all times wherever they are. With blue, Swisscom offers a comprehensive entertainment experience with TV, streaming, cinema, news and gaming from a single source. The Outpost aims at scouting for innovative products and services that reduce complexity and enhance a 360° personal customer experience at all touch points. We are in particular looking for partnerships, startups and digital strategies advancing in Silicon Valley and in Silicon Beach.