Our Technology Focus

Swisscom Outpost is continuously looking for mature enterprise-grade solutions in order to extend our service portfolio for residential as well as small, medium and large enterprise customers. Swisscom provides strategic partnerships and unique market access in Switzerland for selected, high potential Startups.

Cyber Security

Swisscom Outpost is looking for innovative Cyber Security Solutions to support our customers in Switzerland with all aspects of prevention, detection and response. This includes solutions such as advanced automated detection and response capabilities, data protection everywhere but also solutions for cyber security hygiene and increased visibility around assets and risks. We are also open to partnerships with established security vendors from the US or companies from Switzerland.


Swisscom is rolling out the new mobile generation – 5G in Switzerland – in 2018. For this challenging journey and to enhance our existing networks, we are actively looking for companies in the areas of Cloud & Virtualization, NFVI, IT & Automation, Industrial IoT & 5G Showcases, Cyber Security, Fixed Wireless Access, B2B Telco Solutions and many more.
Please get in contact with us to talk about a joint PoC.

IT & Cloud

Swisscom, a tier 1 IT provider in Switzerland, offering IT services like workplace management, connectivity, datacenter and cloud. For Swisscom Cloud portfolio, we are responsible for partner management, technology scouting and performing PoC for new, promising products.

Data & Analytics

We are looking for innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Data management
  • Data analytics, AI and BI
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Security and Fraud detection and prevention


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