Valuable exchange with Zurich

from left: Lukas Peter (Swisscom Outpost), Carmen Walker Späh (Government Councillor, Canton of Zurich) and Björn Jeker (Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce)

Together with the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC), the Swisscom Outpost in Silicon Valley welcomed a delegation with around twenty members from Zurich. Led by Carmen Walker Späh, Government Councillor and Head of the Department for Economic Affairs, the representatives of the canton, of the cities of Zurich and Winterthur, and also Zurich Tourism listened to remarks by Lukas Peter (Swisscom) and Björn Jeker (SACC). The shared conclusion: There’s more than a little that links Zurich and Silicon Valley, and cooperating even more closely with each other in the future will pay off. Zurich is a sister city of San Francisco and maintains not just political contacts, but also economic and cultural ties to the Bay Area.