Focus on AI-based Interpretation Handset and Electronic Car

In its fifth year, CES Asia 2019 brought the full tech ecosystem together from June 11-13, 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). More than 500 exhibiting companies around the world and 125+ innovative startups from China, France, Norway, Switzerland and United States participated in this show.

By collaboration with Swissnex China, Swisscom Outpost China is one of the important sponsors for the SwissTech Pavilion at Startup Park. We welcomed 21 startups from Switzerland to present their innovative technologies focus on AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR, eHealth, Drone & Robotics etc in the show.

Vehicle Technology, AR/VR & Robotics, AI & IoT and Startups are the four main topics in this year’s CES show. The event featured the latest concept cars and connected vehicles from self-driving to all-electric; in addition to the entertainment and the daily housekeeping, the virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and robotics has been applied to health care, job training, farming, shopping, retail, beauty, sports, education, tourism and much more.

During the 3 days show, we visited all 5 exhibiting centers. So many exciting technologies and products have been presented. Especially the following emerging technology trends have been clearly observed at this year’s show:

New 5G hardware has been announced by Huawei. 5G is driving innovation across industries, from smart cities to digital health and self-driving vehicles. Across Asia, infrastructure updates continue in anticipation of wide deployment of 5G, which will bring faster speeds, larger data capacity and lower latency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning, and object recognition are fueling innovation. This year’s CES featured the companies at the forefront of AI such as Cheeta Mobile, IFlytek, Sogou.  In healthcare, AI is being used for tasks such as reviewing cancer screenings, while in retail, consumers use facial recognition to pay for goods at unmanned cashier-less stores.


Startup Park at CES Asia featured more than 125 diverse startups to present their products on a global stage.  “Welcome to Switzerland” at SwissTech Pavilion is the biggest camp at Startup Park to present the leading innovative technologies from Switzerland such as AI, IoT, Robotics etc.

Vehicle Tech:

CES Asia 2019 doubled its vehicle tech footprint on the show floor and featured the latest concept cars and connected vehicles – from self-driving to all electric. China is the world’s largest market for self-driving vehicles. In addition to the traditional car manufactures, we observed newcomers such as Neusoft and Baidu also entering this market to make cars greener, safer and more fun to drive. New forms of mobility will drive innovation in transportation in Asia and around the global, as ebikes and motorized scooters gain larger prominence.

Our Key Observation and Analysis

From this year’s show, we clearly observed two hot spots which already had been matured and well commercialized into the Chinese market:
1. AI-based Interpretation Handset or Tool Kit eg. Sogou and iFlytek
2. Electronic Car especially Chinese brand such as Great-wall Motor, SAIC Motor and HongQi

The application of AR/VR will be the next hot spot widely commercialized into the market, expected the second half of 2019 or beginning of 2020 especially with 5G technology’s strong support.

However, the commercialized application of 5G is still in hot concept stage in China and many exhibitors showed their latest 5G technology concepts such as remote control and support, for example, SAIC Motor’s remote-control driving/repairing from 50km away.

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By Judy Wei, Shanghai, July 2019