Welcome on board!

Clément Nussbaumer joined Swisscom’s Outpost in Palo Alto in February as the 2020 trainee. He will support the activities in the telecommunication domain and help to set up new infrastructure in the Swisscom Cloud Lab. He works closely with a North American startup which has specialized in programmable switch fabric for data-center applications. This technology is especially important to allow 5G, IoT, Big Data and AI application at scale.

He joined Swisscom Switzerland in 2019, firstly evaluating the quality of Swisscom’s cellular network at altitudes used for drone operations. Then he worked on an identification service for drones, that will permit drone operators and the public sector to know if a drone is operating in a given area.

Clément wrote his master thesis on homomorphic encryption. This type of encryption permits to securely evaluate mathematical operations on encrypted data without having access to the decryption key. This permits offloading heavy computation tasks to the cloud without compromising the privacy of a customer.

Clément has not just a background in Software Defined Networking (SDN), drone operation and cyber security, but also in rocket science! In 2018 he participated in an international student rocketry competition in the US and was responsible for the software that sent real time telemetry of the rocket during its ascension to the 10’000 feet target. Clément’s team won the technical excellence award.

We wish Clément all the best for his 2020 assignment in the US!

More on Clément Nussbaumer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clement-j-m-nussbaumer